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1. Articles
by Miles Stanford

The Basis For Christian Growth
By Andrew Miller
Is the One Man Pastor Scriptural?
By Mark Frees, former denominational pastor.

What I Have Found
Mark Frees' testimony concerning the New Testament pattern for the church.  

Is It Possible to Meet as a New Testament Church?
By Gospel Folio Press

Choosing a Church or Gathered in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ
A letter written by Jim Sparks to encourage a brother in Christ.

My Reasons
The reasons for George Landis' resignation as Pastor of the First Baptist Church of Newcastle, PA., and from the Baptist Ministry.

Headship and Headcovering in the Church
By Don Welborn

Should Women Speak in the Church?
By Robert E. Billings, Jr.

Epistle to the Galatians
By William Kelly 

2. Books

Why Modern Churches are Carnal? 
(By Jim Sparks)

Definition of Church 
Names and Titles

Position of the Pastor
Membership in the Church

The Church: Its Center, Ordinances, Worship, and Ministry 
(By A.N. O'Brien)

The Church: Its Worship
The Church: Its Center of Gathering and Ordinances
The Church: Its Ministry

What Saith the Scriptures?
(By Don Welborn)

To What or to Whom are Your Gathered?
Salvation or Baptism: Which Comes First?
Baptism in the Spirit
3.  Audio Messages
         (Click on link below to play message.  Or right click on link to download message.)

A. "Legalism" by Bill Schwegler

B. "Mysticism" by Bill Schwegler

C. "Asceticism" by Bill Schwegler

D. "True Spirituality" by B. Schwegler

E. Salvations 2 Plans, Jim Sparks